Choose your visit !


Whether you are by yourself, with your family or with a group, that you prefer to visit in autonomy or accompanied, you will inevitably find the visit which suits you among all our offers ....After visiting the museum, also discover the model room.

Individual visit 

visite libre du musée


Do you visit by yourself, as a couple or with friends? You can :

  • to visit by yourself the museum's rooms and choose the panels you want to read, the videos you want to watch according to your interest ....
  • take an audioguide (available for download) to have more explanations about Catharism. There too, at any time, you can pause your audioguide to examine a panel, watch a video, go back ...

 Whatever your choice is, allow a minimum of one hour for the visit, knowing that it takes on average about 1:30 to have time to access all the visit's contents.

Guided tours are possible, upon booking, with a minimum of 5 people. Others are also organized in July/August according to the schedule of events (see the events page).

Visit with your children

livret pédagogique pour les enfants

Do you plan to visit the museum with your children?

Please note that the visit is free for children under 12 years old.


The visit is not suitable for children under 7 years old because the subject is complex.

However, we offer free coloring pages on the Middle Ages and crayons.


From 8 years old, an educational booklet (english version coming soon) is available but still requires a minimum of help from parents. To prepare your visit, you can download the booklet below, otherwise it will be given on request at the museum reception.


In addition to visiting the museum, also think about exploring the model room where children will marvel at some of the most emblematic castles of Cathar Country.


Educational booklet for kids in French 

Group visits (more than 15 persons)

Autocarists, tour operators, club managers or associations .... do you want to organize a visit with a group of more than 15 people.


Three options are available to you:

visite en groupe
  • The free visit of an average duration of 1:15. The group can roam freely in the museum's rooms, watch videos ...You can also download on your smartphones and tablets our audioguides in French or English for a more complete visit.
  • The guided tour of an average duration of 2 hours. Accompanied by our guide, you can fully enjoy a thorough visit by walking the museum's rooms and ask questions to learn more.
  • The guided tour in the conference room with an average duration of 2 hours. This type of visit is mainly offered to groups of more than 30 people and for people who have difficulty staying in prolonged standing. The visit is then in the form of a slideshow - conference then a free time is left to the group at the end of the visit for the discussion and the walk in the rooms of the museum.

Visit in a situation of handicap

The Cathar Museum obtained the Tourism and Disability Status for the 4 disabilities in March 2018.

One reserved parking spaces allow direct access to the ramp leading to the entrance of the building.


The museum is accessible by secured stairs and an elevator.


We provide chairs and a wheelchair for people who have difficulty staying in extended standing.


Magnifying glasses are available on request.


The videos presented in the museum are subtitled in French and English.


A magnetic loop is available at the museum reception.